Techniques of positional play

Practical methods to gain the upper hand in chess

por Valeri Bronznik

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  • Editorial: New in Chess
  • ISBN: 9789056914349
  • Páginas: 256
  • Dimensiones: 170 mm. x 235 mm.
  • Plaza de edición: Holanda
  • Encuadernación: Rústica
  • Idiomas: Inglés
  • Fecha de la edición: 2013

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Resumen del libro

Opening preparation is essential, but for aspiring players understanding the middlegame is even more important. Techniques of Positional Play, an improved edition of a Russian classic, teaches amateur chess players 45 extremely effective skills in a crystal-clear manner. Quite a few of these techniques will be revelations for club players, as they offer solutions for problems amateurs are often only subconsciously aware of. For example: • How do you restrict the efficacy of your opponent’s pieces? • What is the best way to exchange a piece? • How do you prevent your opponent from opening a file? • Which rook belongs on the c-, d- or e-file? • How do you castle artificially? The techniques are easy to understand and memorize. The authors present a wealth of practical examples and do not burden the reader with unnecessary deep analysis. There is a special training section at the end of the book where you can test your newly acquired skills. Ukrainian International Master Valeri Bronznik lives and works in Germany. He has written a number of highly acclaimed books on chess, such as '1.d4-Beating the Guerillas'. Anatoli Terekhin is a well-known Russian chess trainer. He leads a chess academy in Perm.

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