• "Lo que no has aprendido todavía, lo olvidé hace mucho tiempo, pibe", esa era una de las frases que Najdorf espetaba a sus rivales. Eran frases certeras que podían escucharse en todos los rincones de ...

    pvp.24,50 €

  • Richard Palliser

    Opening Repertoire: The Iron English

    Everyman Chess

    Libro en ingles Grandmaster Simon Williams was taught the English Opening at the age of six and 1 c4 was his weapon of choice until long after he became an International Master. For this new ...

    pvp.28,95 €

  • Victor Moskalenko

    The Fully-Fledged French

    New in Chess

    Libro en inglés Viktor Moskalenko’s bestselling books The Flexible French (2008) and The Even More Flexible French (2015) were hailed by reviewers from all over the world as eye-opening, full of new ideas, easy to ...

    pvp.29,95 €

  • Sam Shankland

    Small Steps to Success (paperback)

    Quality Chess

    Libro en inglés Pawn play is a fundamental aspect of chess strategy, yet often neglected in chess literature. In this, his second book on pawn play, Super-GM Sam Shankland sheds light on the vital topic ...

    pvp.29,99 €

  • Davorin Kuljasevic

    How to Study Chess on Your Own

    New in Chess

    Libro en inglés Study chess without wasting your time and energy Every chess player wants to improve, but many, if not most, lack the tools or the discipline to study in an effective way. With ...

    pvp.24,95 €

  • Alexander Kalinin

    The Modernized Italian Game for White

    Thinkers Publishing

    Libro en inglés. “To utilize the Giuoco Pianissimo successfully, a club player needs only to master the general ideas of this setup, without overloading their brain with hundreds of variations. At the same time, they ...

    pvp.27,96 €

  • Michael Basman

    U Cannont Be Serious!

    Thinkers Publishing

    Libro en inglés. This book is written with the intention to introduce the reader to the creative chess ideas of Michael Basman. He gave up more intense regular tournament chess around the turn of the ...

    pvp.25,95 €

  • Libro en inglés Primer volumen de una nueva serie de Herman Grooten. Segunda edición. Esta serie de libros trata de la siguiente cuestión central: ¿qué ocurre en la apertura? ¿de qué planes disponemos? ¿Qué conceptos ...

    pvp.22,94 €

  • Neil Mc Donald


    Everyman Chess

    Libro en inglés “To be passive... is fatal to the beginner or medium player – such players must be aggressive. He must attack, because only in that way can he develop his imagination, which is ...

    pvp.24,95 €

  • Jonas Hacker

    Beating the Sicilian main lines

    Everyman Chess

    Libro en inglés The Sicilian Defence is the most popular reply to 1 e4. With 1...c5 Black comes out fighting, immediately challenging any sense of a “natural white advantage”. Sicilian Defence players are often very ...

    pvp.24,95 €

  • Cyrus Lakdawala

    Tactical Training

    Everyman Chess

    Libro en inglés It is hard to understate the importance of tactic ability to overall chess proficiency. Of course other elements such as a knowledge of opening play and an understanding of strategy are also ...

    pvp.24,95 €

  • Cyrus Lakdawala

    Rewire Your Chess Brain

    Everyman Chess

    Libro en inglés Rewire Your Chess Brain is not your average chess book. It does not deal with opening theory or middlegame strategy. It focuses purely on problems and studies, all of which are the ...

    pvp.32,95 €

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